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The sparsely distributed healthcare sector has worsened the woes of a patient to reach out to doctors, pharmacists, paramedics, technicians, and more. To top it all, getting a doctor’s appointment at clinics – needless to say at hospitals - is always a herculean task with a long waiting-periods and delayed follow-ups. It’s always a run for getting a medicine from one pharmaceutical to getting tests done at another diagnostic center. In chasing doctors, technicians, and appointments; patients often lose money, time, and above all – patience. But with MedikONet, bid farewell to all these troubles!

MedikoNet – medics on net: Brings an easy access to the world-class medical-care at just a click away. From booking an appointment with a doctor to getting all your tests and medicines delivered to you in a seamless manner, MedikONet is bringing the power of intelligent technology to harness medical service providers’ facilities at the tip of your fingers.

Revolutionizing health-service landscape:

  • Find a specialized doctor near you.
  • 24x7 availability of healthcare services.
  • Choose a healthcare service provider according to his geo-location, ratings and credentials.
  • Easy to manage appointments and follow-ups.
  • Paperless prescriptions and reports.
  • Manage your medical history

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